Industrial Site Development


 Understanding your site's purpose and usability

  • Understand the critical results for the site and what needs to happen to achieve those result.
  • Maintain a minimum standard of ground level disturbance level 2, hazard of excavations
  • Gather all the information needed to make sure we understand the soil, stable and non stable, and the effect our work will have on the site.
  • Co-coordinating work to maximize the use of materials.
  • Planning the installation of new piping for conflict with existing,

Clarifying expectations

  • For timing of the site development and smooth start to future work on the site. 
  • Liaising with municipalities, tenants, utilities co-ordination
  • Co-coordinating work to maximum the use of materials or 
  • Soil management, movement of earth and top soil replacement, in order to make sure we use only the dirt needed.
  • Project control and supervision.
  • Management of change orders as they occur. 

Our building better quality standard

  • Patience and attitude to get all the details right 
  • Environment matching their work,  fire safety, clean sites
  • Review the site process for safety and work flow blend in with the clients safety and work culture and work with our subtrades to ensure the same standards

Post Construction we provide

  • Long term post-construction service for long-term clients
  • Maintain original construction drawings

  • Utility turnovers

  • Follow up inspections
  • Tenant/end user coordination

  • Assist in landlord maintenance programs

  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance documents
 in hard copy and electronic form.
  • Maintain cost comparisons for clients on future projects