Control Buildings


 Understanding your building's purpose and usability

  • We take planning and building of this type of construction very seriously.
  • We take the time to review all the information so we can accurately understand the requirements for the building the end purpose of the building and exactly how all the controls tie into it.
  • We pay close attention to your work flow and what the people operating the building need to do
  • We review the plans from wiring to computing system flooring, for functionality and easy of maintenance
  • We pay attention to the location and functionality of remote area change rooms.
  • Review fire walls plans for the control building,
  • We have the patience to get all the details right from timing the build, to working inside a plant

Clarifying expectations

  • For timing of the building 
  • For the people operating the building need to do relevant to their work flow
  • We clarify your working environment to make sure we are fitting in with your workflow, and fire safety standards and processes. 
  • Remote areas change rooms,
  • Operators inside the plant who we will be working near by

Our building better quality standard

  • Patience and attitude to get all the details right 
  • To ensure the highest standard of quality, we’ve developed our own quality control program.
  • We follow our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program on each project, ensuring better quality is built and maintained for our clients.
  • Our QA/QC Manual is available on request.
  • We have worked with many companies who implement their own safety programs. Kor Alta Construction will work to meet the terms and conditions of your programs, unless we agree by mutual consent that our Safe Operating Procedures are better able to protect workers, property, material and the environment.
  • At all times we blend in with our clients safety and work culture.

Post Construction we provide

  • Long term post-construction service for long-term clients
  • Maintain original construction drawings

  • Utility turnovers

  • Follow up inspections
  • Tenant/end user coordination

  • Warranty and maintenance documents

  • Maintain cost comparisons for clients on future projects