Safety is a responsibility, an attitude

Safety is a responsibility shared by everyone at Kor Alta Construction. We built this culture by seeking out people who by nature, care about practicing a positive safety work attitude. Kor Alta employees are provided the resources to achieve safety excellence, and encourage each other to continually strive for improvement of the execution of Kor Alta’s health and safety processes.

Highlights of Kor Alta’s health and safety program include:

  • Hold a Certificate of Recognition (COR) issued through Alberta Workplace Health & Safety in collaboration with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ASCA).
  • Approved company with ISNet and CanQual Inc. pre-qualification services.
  • All superintendents trained in Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE) and Standard First Aid & CPR.
  • Project managers review site safety documentation on a weekly basis and work with superintendents in order to provide constructive feedback.
  • Superintendents include all subcontractors in weekly safety meetings to help promote safety awareness for all those working with Kor Alta.
  • Monthly site visits by Kor Alta’s ownership and corporate safety to offer support to Kor Alta’s supervision and discuss safety-related items.
  • Utilization of only those subcontractors who fulfill Kor Alta’s safety requirements and are inline with Kor Alta’s goal of safety excellence.