Understanding your building's purpose and usability

  • To manage expectations for quality, cost and design, we review prototype or tenant provided drawings, landlords architect drawings, to insure continuity with the actual build drawings. 
  • As revisions or changes are made we combine the drawings from all the people and consultants involved to create a master build set of drawings.
  • Identify and stay focused on the critical QA and QC requirements of the building.
  • We do detailed conceptual budgets and provide cost consulting through the design process.
  • We coordinate with the end user, work with the client, consultants and the architect to ensure the building needs and costs are kept balanced.
  • Reverse engineer budgeting/value engineering to get the best value for your budget.  
  • As we are involved in the initial design of the building, we pay close attention to decision on building material specifications for maintenance and sustainability costs, relevant to weather and operating conditions. For example we may use funds for the back of the building to upgrade to the heating system.
  • Tenant co-ordination for materials, constructions elements with the end user,  and making sure it all shows up on time, a 400 amp panel goes where it should and not a 200 amp panel in its place. We have seen it happen.
  • We provide comprehensive maintenance and warranty manuals that exceed industry standards for the operation of the building. That covers everything from the best way to clean floor tile, to the correct way to change the light blubs.

Clarifying expectations

  • For timing of the building, site development and smooth tenant move in. 
  • Liaising with municipalities, tenants, utilities, for utilities co-ordination
  • For the people who will be providing service or maintenance for the building so the building is as safe and simple as possible to maintain or perform maintenance on. 
  • Project control and full time on site supervision.
  • Management of change orders as they occur and analysis to minimize cost whenever possible.

Our building better quality standard

  • We have the patience and attitude to get all the details right.
  • To ensure the highest standard of quality, we’ve developed our own safety program that exceeds many OHS standards and is designed to integrate with our clients safety processes.  
  • We follow our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program on each project, ensuring better quality is built and maintained for our clients.
  • Our QA/QC Manual is available on request.
  • We have worked with many companies who implement their own safety programs. Kor Alta Construction will work to meet the terms and conditions of your programs, unless we agree by mutual consent that our Safe Operating Procedures are better able to protect workers, property, material and the environment.
  • At all times we blend in with our clients safety and work culture and work to ensure our standards to the same.

Post Construction we provide

  • Long term post-construction service for long-term clients
  • Maintain original construction drawings

  • Utility turnovers

  • Follow up inspections
  • Tenant/end user coordination

  • Assist in landlord maintenance programs

  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance documents
 in hard copy and electronic format. 
  • Maintain cost comparisons for clients on future projects