Our Build Better Standard


Building better for over 20 years

When we started this company, our vision was to build better, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.
Building better is about how we work and who we work with. To us, a successful project starts with a strong relationship. And when it comes to relationships, we value the same things you do: trust, honesty and open books. We take pride in who we are as people. We stand by our word and behind our work, and it’s the reason our reputation stands solid across Western Canada.

We’ll do whatever it takes to complete a project the way you want it. We build to suit your budget. Your timelines. Your way. By building better products, services, safety standards and solutions, we all benefit.

To ensure the highest standard of quality, we’ve developed our own quality control program. We follow our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program on each project, ensuring better quality is built and maintained for our clients. Our QA/QC Manual is available on request. So let’s start building—better.

Building a better safety culture

At Kor Alta Construction, safety is a way of life. To achieve the highest safety standards possible, we ensure all employees and subcontractors— inside the office or out in the field—are informed, aware and engaged in building a better safety culture. As a general contractor, we have worked with many companies who implement their own safety programs. Kor Alta Construction will work to meet the terms and conditions of those programs, unless we agree by mutual consent that our Safe Operating Procedures are better able to protect workers, property, material and the environment.

To ensure we’re using the most effective and efficient processes, Kor Alta Construction completes the following procedures to our best advantage:
  • Pre-planning events

  • Personnel scheduling

  • Selection and training of workers

  • Materials handling and control

  • Supervising operations

  • Inspecting processes and equipment
  • Establishing a preventive maintenance program

  • Cooperating with workers to develop a near-miss incident reporting and investigation program
  • Knowing and complying with applicable company, municipal, provincial and federal legislation
  • Interpreting company policy to workers

Computer Controls

To ensure even greater quality control, Kor Alta Construction uses Explorer Accounting software—a fully integrated computerized payroll, accounting and cost- control system. Along with an integrated estimating program, project scheduling and CAD Program, these systems assist us in obtaining up-to-date information on all of our clients’ projects.

We’re COR certified

Kor Alta Construction is as serious about safety as we are about success. That’s why we’re proud to carry the Certificate of Recognition (COR)—an exclusive safety accreditation program awarded by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. COR is the only government-approved safety program in the province and ensures safety practices meet industry standards. This helps to promote workplace health and safety, increase morale and productivity, reduce injuries and save lives.

We perform an internal safety audit once a year, and an external safety audit is performed by a peer contractor every three years. These audits help us to build a better safety culture by improving our effectiveness and efficiency. Audits paint an accurate picture of our organization’s safety health, allowing us to measure its effectiveness, and plan and respond accordingly.

Kor Alta Construction provides all employees and subcontractors with the resources they need to perform their jobs safely day in, day out. Through ongoing employee education and support, and by sharing accountability among ownership, management, supervision and workers, we strive toward zero incidents. We’re proud of our excellent safety record—and until we reach zero incidents, we will continue our efforts in building a better safety culture.

We’re happy to provide a copy of our safety manual upon request.